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Yearly project news

  • Posted by Samu Voutilainen
  • at March 10, 2012


It has been almost a year anything has happened to website portion of this project. Let me assure you, the development has not been in hiatus at same time. There has been grand development towards stable release of 4.7 and some work towards 4.8, including QML support. I’ll leave telling about those features to authors of the features.

I’ve been focusing at maintenance of the project, researching different possibilities and ways the project should be lead into future and guiding people around it, along with rewriting the website out from Wordpress into environment that is manageable and can be modified to suit our needs easily. Here, you see result of that work.

Features that are upcoming:


Yes, documentation. Current documentation is still from age of Trolltech’s 4.5.0 release, so we desperately need new documentation. I’ve been playing with different ideas and have resolved into same kind of system Qt has: http://qt-project.org/doc/qt-4.8/

Starting with simple features like actually showing the documentation and navigating around, eventually adding some possibility for people to add notes, additions and other things people would want to see. Those pages I’ve scavenged from qdoc3 documentation and ported still has old style links to source, but I weren’t able to convert those as the documentation is not under the site still. But eventually we should have comprehensive documentation that would adjust to people’s needs.

Download management

We have been planning to bring downloads more tied with the website. That means, downloads, after built, verified and deployed, would be automatically brought in the site for downloads. This includes weekly snapshots, betas and other kinds of downloads.

There has also been work towards real maven repository of Jambi, but I don’t know when it would come out.


Right, this is been in (not enough active) development really long for now, but there still must be rough edges and other kinds of problems I haven’t thought of or spotted. If you see anything, please drop a comment or contact us otherwise so we’d be able to serve as well as possible :)

I plan of blogging more actively now about project’s goings, so stay tuned. I really hope to get beta out soon.

  1. Peter Zotov says:

    Is Qt >4.7 support planned? If yes, how long will it take?

  2. Samu Voutilainen says:

    I’ve been actively using Jambi with 4.8, so it does work, if you don’t need the new API from 4.8. Some of the things gets generated, but there may be some missing pieces.

    If you can’t compile your own packages, I can give my self-compiled packages for you to use.

    Please drop by at our IRC channel (#qtjambi@freenode or at mailing list if you need more information :)

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