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I’m going to Akademy

  • Posted by Samu Voutilainen
  • at June 28, 2012

Long time no posts. But it doesn’t mean that we have been doing nothing. Quite the contrary, actually.

More of it after (maybe?) more interesting thing:

If you want to talk about Qt, Java, Jambi or Whatever, feel free to poke me.

But, what else has happened in last year

It’s not like I’ve only planned this trip. I also don’t bother to create two posts in a row, so here’s some things:

We have been sorting our code base and release system towards more stable and productive system, so we can with our small team affordingly test whole code base and release flexibly, for example release weekly snapshots for people who want the newest, and hopefully, best Jambi libraries.

Unofficial releases using newest code from our master Git repository are available here. Note that those may not be final beta-4 builds; there is no Windows builds due few problems in installer script that needs solving before we can release the package.

There is also available Ubuntu packages at Launchpad and openSuSE/RHEL/Fedora/CentOS packages at OBS. These are too snapshots, so please be wary of bugs (and tell us about them!)

Qt Jambi builds again on Mac OS X, even with PPC/PPC64, if anyone is still using those older machines. On Windows 32 bit MSYS/MinGW and MSVC should work, as does 64 bit building.

We have restructured ANT building system to be more modular to allow generator to be used out of tree. This allows using generator more flexibly in third party projects. That means that you can more easily do Jambi bindings for your own custom Qt/cpp project, or try to port something more fancy like KDE’s libraries. As a side effect AWT bridge library works again, which uses generator.

Main contributor for this work has been Darryl Miles, please buy a beer to him if you ever meet him! :)

  1. Baz says:

    "Long time no posts. But it doesn't mean that we have been doing nothing. Quite the contrary, actually." < What you meant to write. Instead, you wrote the opposite. Do you also have trouble with the ! operator? :-)

  2. WindPower says:

    Hooray! I hope new builds come out soon~

  3. Samu Voutilainen says:


    Sorry, I’m not native in English, trying to improve...

    Thanks for notifying me about that, fixed in the post :)

  4. Sagen de Jonge says:

    The link to unofficial builds is broken. Great to hear there will be builds soon!

  5. Samu Voutilainen says:


    Looks like I forgot to update the dns record, fixed now.

  6. maru says:

    Can't access the examples.

  7. Jean says:

    Do you know any tool to GUI test an application developed with Qt Jambi ?

  8. Samu Votilainen says:

    Qt does have its own QTest thing, but I don’t think it’d make much sense for Java environment, as I’m sure there would always be better, more native alternatives. Or am I wrong?

    Anyway, at the moment best to stick with traditional Java testing suites.

  9. Jean says:

    I'm currently trying to test my application with QTP(hp) but it's not identifying the interface correctly.
    Are you sure that normally Qt jambi can be tested with any traditional java testing suites ?

    If you have used one which one ?

    Thanks a lot for your answers

  10. Joshua Gleitze says:

    Hey Folks!

    I have used Qt Jambi for a little project now and I think it’s a georgeus thing! I really love using it!

    Anyway, I also did something in QML targeting the Ubuntu Phone OS and now would love to use QML for one of my bigger projects written in Java. So how far is the progress of the QML implementation? Can I help somehow?

  11. Samu Voutilainen says:

    Jean: Jambi itself is tested using Junit-4, so I’m pretty sure it will work with applications built on top of Jambi too :)

    If you have some kind of problems with tests, why not drop at our IRC channel to discuss about it? (And remind me to fix the damn mailing list...)

    Joshua: Better discuss about that with Darryl (odin_) at our IRC channel.

  12. Mitch says:

    Any idea if Jambi supports touch events like Qt does?

    The classes seem to exist, but I cant get any touch events to be recognized. I've written a program in C++ and am writing the same thing in java but no touch events seem to be recognized.

    Not sure if im wasting my time trying.

  13. Samu Voutilainen says:

    Hi Mitch,

    Could you file a bug about that with your code attached (if it’s big, consider making it as small as you can)?

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